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VALKYRIE band japanese female thrash metal


Valkyrie Shuko

Shuko- Drums
Favorite artist- Destruction
Activities- board member of resident's association

Valkyrie Atsuko

Atsuko- Bass
Favorite artist- Nikki Sixx, Robert Trujillo
Favorite pastime- teasing Shuko, watching movies
Special skill- swating flies
Favorite food- Takoyaki 'Octopus ball'

Valkyrie Miho

Miho- Lead guitar
Favorite artist- Randy Rhoads, Kerry Ray King
Favorite pastime- checking out second-hand clothing shops and variety stores
Special skill- Eating a whole cake

Valkyrie Bun

Bun- Vocals & rhythm guitar
Favorite artist- Metallica, Rage, Dave Mustaine
Favorite foods- curry, sashimi (sliced raw fish)

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